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Auction Services

Auction Crowd

Coleman & Patterson is a diversified real estate & auction marketing (DREAM) company that sets itself apart from other firms with experience in selling thousands of real estate properties at auction, a core business philosophy of seller satisfaction, and our brand promise of more advertising exposure than anyone else through our marketing efforts.  Coleman & Patterson is experienced in selling estate owned property, business liquidations, bankruptcy assets, agriculture and construction equipment, and all types of real estate including multi-parcel land auctions, investment properties, bank foreclosures, and estate owned homes, farms, or ranches.

The owners of Coleman & Patterson each started their careers in real estate by way of real estate auctions and today offer clients the choice to sell conventionally or with the auction method, depending on individual needs and goals.  In recent years, Coleman & Patterson has sold over ten thousand acres of land in Texas, hundreds of country homes and homes in town, some of most unique commercial properties, and several extremely high end luxury homes at auction and conventionally. 

Owners and Auctioneers David Coleman, Tom Patterson, and Bret Richards are longtime friends and associates that share the same business philosophy of treating customers with respect and professionalism, traits inherited from a Texas upbringing. A Coleman & Patterson auction is designed to sell real estate or personal property assets in a timely and cost effective way for our sellers, to eliminate buyer contingencies, and remove the stress that comes with selling real estate conventionally. Coleman & Patterson truly believes in the auction process. With the increasing demand for real estate auctions, and our knowledge of the industry, look to Coleman & Patterson for all your real estate auction needs.

Online Auctions

Our web based approach to real estate and personal property auctions is designed to offer all the advantages of our live auctions, while reducing costs for sellers and agents. If you have a property or listing whereby time is of the essence, our online auction service can have your property up and receiving bids in a matter of days. Most online auctions are for a two week period and closings are scheduled 30 days from the date of contract. Coleman & Patterson will coordinate all closings and be a clearing center for questions throughout the auction process.

Multi-Property Commercial Real Estate Auction

Live Auctions

We offer a turn-key approach to real estate auctions. From pre-sale strategy, marketing, and sale day activities through final closings, our expertise and professionalism will ensure a successful real estate auction. Please give us a call for a free auction proposal or for more information about live auctions.

Sellers - When "It's A Matter Of Time"

Coleman & Patterson has worked with all types of sellers, including individual owners, corporate representatives, probate attorneys, estate executors, chief lending officers, bank presidents, special asset managers, used equipment managers, and more.  Coleman & Patterson will save sellers money by offering our services to sell real estate and personal property with only minimal advertising costs. Our business structure provides sellers the advantage of an aggressive auction marketing plan designed to gain maximum exposure in a matter of weeks. Our goal is to offer every property at auction within 30 days, and close with well prepared, pre-qualified buyers on a 30 day cash contract.

Seller Benefits:

  • Reduced expenses and time-on-market increase the Net Value realized by seller.
  • Auctions create urgency and excitement, usually leading to higher bid prices.
  • Well prepared pre-qualified buyers and contingencies set by seller.
  • Increased property exposure with aggressive and comprehensive marketing strategies.

A Coleman & Patterson auction is the best way to identify potential buyers and bring them to a point of action. In a competitive bidding environment, auction prices will demonstrate today's current market value, and can exceed the price of a negotiated sale. Coleman & Patterson will go the extra mile to ensure effective marketing, a positive sale day experience, and increased exposure to every property.


Buyers benefit from a Coleman & Patterson auction by competing on a level playing field with other buyers. After viewing and researching the property and current market conditions, buyers determine the bid price on the day of the auction and eliminate long negotiation periods. Buyers can make smart financial decisions knowing the properties are purchased at current market values.

Buyers also benefit by:

  • In multi-property auctions, buyers can learn market value by viewing previous offerings.
  • Buying from motivated sellers.
  • Reducing overall time to purchase properties.
  • Reducing long drawn out negotiating periods.
  • Potentially buying properties for less than previously listed prices.